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God has blessed us with a wonderful 60 acre campus at Lake Swan Camp and we want to share it with you. We rent our facilities to a variety of different groups year-round. Campers of all ages enjoy recreation, relaxation, and spiritual renewal during their stay at Lake Swan Camp. With 27 dorm rooms sleeping up to 300 and 18 motel rooms sleeping up to 60 we are ready for your group.



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Lake Swan Camp hosts an annual Men’s Retreat the first full weekend in November. This is a great time for men of all ages to get away from the distractions of everyday life and come together to enjoy rest, recreation, good food, fellowship, worship, and encouragement from God’s Word. Men’s Retreat is sponsored by the Alliance Southeast, of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, but we invite men from every denomination and church to come. .



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Every summer Lake Swan Camp hosts two, weeklong camps. One for elementary age kids and one for teenagers in middle and high school. We combine good food, recreation, team games and more, with Christ centered worship and teaching to bring youth closer to each other and God. This camp is sponsored by the Alliance Southeast, of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, but we invite young people from every denomination and church to join in on the fun.




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At Aviation Camp campers are taught the principles of flight, navigation, map reading, the use of night vision, downed aviator exercises, physical fitness, and the calling and role of a missionary aviator. We also incorporate team building and decision making exercises throughout the week long course. Come learn firsthand from experienced pilots.




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From the success of the Aviation Camp held each year at Lake Swan Camp, the College of Missionary Aviation was born. At Aviation Camp, we continued to see teen after teen feel the calling of God to serve on the mission field as a pilot. With each young person who voiced this calling on their lives, a problem became more and more evident. Most flight programs are too expensive for students to afford, forcing them into either insurmountable debt or a different career path all together. The College of Missionary Aviation was formed to combat this problem.

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Contact us

Lake Swan Camp
647 State Road 26
Melrose, FL 32666

Office: 352.475.2828
Director: 352.494.6145
Fax: 904.800.1070


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Weekends: open if group on campus

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Employment Opportunities

Your tax deductible support is prayerfully appreciated for His glory!

★ Mail check: above address

★ Credit or debit card: click donate

Thank you for blessing Lake Swan Camp!

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